viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2016

Best Mountains to Hike near Burlington

Within the last 3 years in Saint Michael's I have been able to explore and hike some of the most beautiful mountains in Vermont. Most of this mountains are, luckily, near Burlington and the surroundings. With an easy way to get to the mountains and come back, now you only have to worry about enjoying your time alone or with your friends, and enjoy the views.

1. Mount Philo (33 minutes - 19.1 mi from St. Michael's)

2. Mount Mansfield (1h 11m - 46.1 mi)

3. Sterling Pond (51 min - 32.4 mi)

4. Camel's Hump ( 44 min - 27.4 mi)

5. Snake Mountain ( 51 min - 34.1 mi)

These are just a few selections of great mountains to hike, but the choices are unlimited. The green mountain state is waiting for you to explore it and Saint Michel's College is the perfect place to start your journey.